Our Process

what you require from a home
isn't just a list of features

Quality, craftsmanship, and most importantly, your input. We understand your home isn't a list of features, that's why Zag Built's unique design process allows you to work closely with our team to create a living space that is yours and yours alone.

As one of the most exclusive home building companies in Western Colorado, we have the time, and the expertise, to bring your vision to life and create a home that is truly unique. It is our pledge to  make the process of building your dream home as stress free as possible. Discover the Zag Built process.

1 on 1 meeting

We survey your wants, needs and specifics of the dream home you desire in depth, including bedrooms, bathrooms, features, locations etc.

Choose Location

Location is possibly the most important aspect of this process. Whether the client already owns property they wish to build on or are still searching for the perfect location, we work with skilled architects and draftsman to create a floor plan that is suitable for the specific property. We can also assist you in locating a property if needed.

Secure Construction Budget

We realize it is difficult to find the financing needed for new construction in today’s world. We will assist you in determining what your budget is, and guide you through the process of creating a home that is within that budget.


All foundations, floor, and truss systems are engineered to ensure longevity of your home and that everything is structurally sound. Throughout the construction process, the homeowner is involved every step of the way, including detailed walk through meetings with the subcontractors and on-site visits with the Zag Built team to oversee construction. Through a secure website,  the homeowner can stay completely informed on the project, including choice selections needed, due dates, and budget amounts to keep you on track with the budget. 


A standard 10 year warranty is placed upon your home and any follow up items are noted in your project’s online warranty list for us to take care of.  Learn more here.

We take pride in our customer service and make ourselves available to you not only through the construction phase, but during your stay in your new home.